Grizzly is a brand of dipping tobacco introduced in 2001. It can be bought in multiple forms such as, pouches, Fine Cut, Long Cut, Wide Cut, and Extra Long Cut.

Grizzly was launched to be a cheaper option than other moist snuff brands such as Copenhagen or Skoal. The original 2 types (Long Cut Wintergreen and Fine Cut Natural) have now expanded to over 10. As of now, Grizzly is cited at Reynolds American flagship brand with over a 31.1% share of the moist snuff market.

Products Edit

  • Grizzly Chewing Tobacco
  • Grizzly Fine Cut Natural
  • Grizzly Long Cut (formerly Long Cut 1900)
  • Grizzly Extra Long Cut Natural
  • Grizzly Snuff Pouches
  • Grizzly Long Cut Straight
  • Grizzly Straight Pouches
  • Grizzly Long Cut Mint
  • Grizzly Mint Pouches
  • Grizzly Fine Cut Wintergreen
  • Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Grizzly Wintergreen Pouches
  • Grizzly Wide Cut Wintergreen
  • Grizzly Long Cut Dark Wintergreen (robust, fire-cured tobacco)
  • Grizzly Dark Wintergreen Pouches

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