Kool (stylized as KOOL) is an ITG Brands LLC brand of menthol cigarette. It was introduced in 1933, by Brown and Williamson. It was the first popular menthol cigarette because it was the first one to be nationally distributed. It enjoyed that status for 50 years until brands like Newport became more widely available. Kool became an R.J. Reynold's brand in 2003 and was so until the Reynold's America and Lorillard tobacco merger of 2015.

Products* Edit

  • Kool Filter Kings (Full Flavor) (Kings) - Soft, Box
  • Kool Super Longs (Full Flavor) (100's) - Soft, Box
  • Kool Blue (Milds) - Kings and 100's - Box
  • Kool XL (Wides) Green (Full Flavor) - Kings - Box
  • Kool XL (Wides) Blue (Milds) - Kings - Box

*All Kool products are menthol.

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