Sobranie is a Russian luxury cigarette brand. In 1879 the Redstone family established the company. Sobranie was the supplier to many royal courts and was very popular among higher class citizens all around Europe. Originally made one by one in Russian tradition, today they are produced by Japan Tobacco using an updated formula.

Sobranie Cocktail

Sobranie Cocktail and Sobranie Black Russian are Sobranie's most popular luxury cigarettes known for their odd colors and premium taste. Sobranie has multiple longer sized cigarettes they market specifically to women smokers. Sobranie Cocktail cigarettes can be closely compared to Nat Sherman's Fantasia, with a few differences such as colors and size. The logo used on the packages is a Russian Coat of Arms from 1883.


Sobranie Blac Russian
  • Sobranie Classic cigarettes (Tar - 14 mg; Nicotine - 1 mg)
  • Sobranie Classic Lights (Tar - 10 mg; Nicotine - 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Black Russians (Tar - 7 mg; Nicotine - 0.7 mg)
  • Sobranie White Russians (Tar - 8 mg; Nicotine - 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Cocktail (Tar - 5 mg; Nicotine - 0.5 mg)
  • Sobranie Blues (Tar - 5 mg; Nicotine - 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Mints (Tar - 5 mg; f- 0.5 mg)
  • Sobranie Pinks (Tar - 5 mg; Nicotine - 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Whites (Tar - 1 mg; Nicotine - 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Yellow (citrus menthol) (Tar - 5 mg; Nicotine - 0.5 mg;

Carbon Monoxide 5 mg)

  • Sobranie Gold (Tar - 4 mg; Nicotine - 0.04 mg; Carbon Monoxide 5 mg)

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